Ashland-Hopkinton Alumni Game

History of the Match

Members of the Ashland Alumni Soccer Association frequented the local George Wheeler Cup that meshed regular season matches with an Alumni Game between league rivals Framingham and Natick. Since 1994, the tradition has only grown in stature, with the recent Ashland versus Hopkinton Alumni Soccer Game an inspired offspring of the event.

Dreamed of by current president, Jonathan Alves, the Game serves as the primary fundraiser for the Association, via ticket and concession sales. The Association sponsored the first match in 2007, however a disorganized Hopkinton Alumni counterpart led to the final match in 2009.

In place of the Ashland vs. Hopkinton Alumni Game, The Association has sponsored an Alumni vs. Varsity match each fall.

At the Ashland Corner Pub after the 2007 Alumni Game