Ashland Tab - "Soccer Alumni Feel Rejected"

Jared Alves of Ashland United Says

Ashland United, a soccer team comprised of alumni of our own High School, find themselves without a field this summer.

They represent a "golden age" of varsity soccer, winning the Tri-Valley League on three occasions and claiming the South Sectional title twice. But instead of welcoming a team whose players aim to coach and run summer clinics to develop Ashland soccer, the town turned its back on its alumni (continued.)


Metrowest Daily News - "A new Thanksgiving futbol tradition"

David Riley of the MetroWest Daily News says:

Soccer-playing grads from the two towns are forging a turkey day tradition of their own.

Clocker and Hiller alumni will meet at Ashland Middle School tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. for their second annual Thanksgiving match.

Organizers hope to rival last year's turnout of more than 100 spectators and start putting proceeds from admission fees toward a new scholarship and summer soccer camps for local teens.

Ashland High School graduates, from left, Jared Alves, Jonathan Alves, Raphael Guimaraes, Justin Hart, and Louis Goncalves are the organizers behind a Thanksgiving alumni soccer game against Hopkinton (Ed Hopfmann/Daily News Staff


Metrowest Daily News - "Hillers, Clockers forging another rivalry"

David Riley of the MetroWest Daily News says:

It won't be any old pickup game. Recent Ashland grads organizing the match said it will be officially refereed and they had jerseys printed up for their team, which includes more than 20 players.

Organizers have talked up the match on Facebook, a social networking Web site, in hopes of getting a good crowd in the bleachers, Walsh said.

"We're trying to make it a tradition," he said. "We're all at college ... This is like a new reason to come home during Thanksgiving and see everyone."